Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate

my current jam.

Please watch and if you can make it past the flute jam you’re my bff. 

Commission for the lovely ivinara!


Base for my super friendly and non threatening succubus character. She has lots of different patterns and cute clothes [:  

Work in progress [:

Haahaha me and jaykitsune have the best late night shenanigans. 

So fckn kawaii. 

I have a pile of backgrounds to paint AHOOYYY. 

Commission for maxblackrabbit! Also Quack?  Quack. 

Things never get dull for ol’ Sammo. I was in the ER from 8:30 last night til about 7 am. It was awffffulllll but I think I’m ok for now. Doctors found a pretty huge stone in my gallbladder and I might need surgery in the very near future. Damnit body get your shit together come on its 2014 you’ve been doing this kind of shit since like 96’. You asshole. 

Blech Text Posttttt

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