Mayor Sammers needs to lay off the caffeine. 

Sorry I don’t have a smart phone anymore. My current phone is basically a potato so this is all I gots. 

Nascha chan for a thing. So kawaii. 

These tauren are totes making out. 

Forgot to post dis ;P

Marshal MarsHal MARSHALLLL

Wait, people follow you for your art, obviously seein wangs 'n shit, yet are complainin?

Alllll the time. Fucking. Wangs. 

Here’s some 4 am satyr porns. I desperately needed a break from drawing trees so here we are. 

So recently I landed my ass in the ER with a gallstone. No big deal, I thought. How can a stone a half an inch long cause me any grief? 

Oh man was I wrong. For the next few months I’m going to be going through a battery of tests/unpleasant procedures and the likes as an alternative to surgery(I have other health complications that prevent me going under anesthesia currently). Fortunately for me this leaves me with lots of time to make draws!

Other commission info:

Any extremely detailed backgrounds will cost an additional 15-35$. 

Each additional character is +50% of the base price. 

Comic pages START at 100$ for these take me a very long time to complete. I do discounts for lots o’ pages. 

Thanks qts <3

PLEASE contact me at because tumblr eats everything. Current commissions have priority :]